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A new platform where authentic Greek farmers, sustainable operating press mills, science and healthy food enthusiasts, meet.

Creating a revolutionary transparent way to grow and process the best quality extra virgin olive oil;

Get to know your source, Adopt your own trees, Subscribe to get the best superfood directly from the farm delivered to your kitchen





We are a social impact enterprise and you can join us!

We are building the Eleostasio platform, an online community and hub connecting all those involved in making healthy, tasty and sustainable Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

That is local organic and circular farmers, sustainable olive oil press mills, organic agri-science and consumers

(foodies like you). 


Food chains worldwide including the olive  oil industry, have issues:, fake labels, food fraud, lowering living standards for farmers, toxic waste disposal........Read more

We make together a new chain, a fair chain! Setting a new norm for extra-virgin olive oil. Creating better lives for all.


At the Eleostasio platform, we want to give back control of what you eat. What you can do:

- Become a free member by joining at facebook

- Participate in one of the 'Own-Grown' programs 


Together we can impact



Eat Well, Live Well

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Your Own-Grown Projects 

How it works


Meet the farmer

Adopt your trees |

Follow your harvest


Enjoy the nature

bearing fruits

Follow the pressing

Get your own EVOO box |

Eat healthy




Your Own Olive Tree  


Now you can adopt one or more olive trees from the participating yards and farms. You receive your own early harvest in the form of fine, authentic extra-virgin, heart-healthy olive oil.

This experience is unique and your own farmer will work together with you and you are invited to follow all stages at facebook and instagram.

Read what more you will get from this program.

You do not enter into any long-term commitment: Once you receive your 'own yards' olive oil and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the adoption.




to an olive tree of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


By subscription, at, we put more people in control of what they eat. live well and have an impact and a stake on how our food is produced!  By subscribing you help more farmers to convert to circular and sustainable protocols, 


All oils connected to the eleostasio platform promote a better healthy food lifestyle for our customers; at the same time your subscription will also raise the living standards of the local farmers in Greece.

Find here our first subscription programs, we have already set up





Eat Well, Live Well


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