Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is good for healthy eating...phenolic-rich olive oil is even better!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The latest studies say the new food compound, in a superfood like EVOO, to look out for is polyphenols.

The number of studies and scientific articles providing evidence on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) being the highest grade of Olive Oil are plentiful. E. g. Harvard Health has published many articles on the health advantages. In particular, olive oil intake has been shown to be inversely related to cancer and cardiovascular prevalence.

However on a more global scale research shows the impact of polyphenols in Extra-Virgin Olive oil on reducing risks on modern diseases and sickness. Not only confirmed by CNN Health but also studies by Cambridge University as published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Also online sources like Dr. Axe on Youtube, confirms the power of phenols (Online sources also shows more on what is wrong with the traditional olive oil industry but that's a good topic for another blog).

This blog provides you with a short overview of the most recent studies on this new phenomena and how now even EVOO comes in a different quality gradation depending on the amount of phenols!

Phenols are anti-oxidants that detoxify cell-damaging chemicals in your body.

Many studies have identified the components of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) which confer health benefits, but few have tested the effect of high phenolic #extravirginoliveoil on cancer.

The power of phenols are not widely known among most consumers. Maybe better for consumers......extra-virginity was long a quality stamp for olive oil however fraudulent traditional olive trading rather has given extra-virgin olive oil a bad name.

So for consumers, looking out for (organic) #superfoods, phenolic olive oil is the new trend for healthy eating. This blog is listing a summary of international studies including scientific research coming out of one of world's top olive oil producing country, Greece,

Trusting reading research instead of trusting labels

Dr. Limor Goren and her colleagues at City University of New York may claim to have filled a gap for the USA! However around the Mediterranean, this research is certainly not new. One of the most accredited scientist in this field, already doing research on #polyphenols is Dr. Vlyssides from the University of Athens and its laboratory of Organic & environmental technology.

Professor Vlyssides is already studying, with his team, 30 years on olive oil and its health benefits. He mentions there are four phenol compound contributing to large health benefits in #EVOO.

He found not only Oleacanthal has a strong effect on (some types of) cancer prevalence. There are protective capabilities on the human brain as well, like reducing Alzheimer symptoms and stroke.

Another groundbreaking (but rather silent) scientific report details out the impact and health benefits of phenols and the Mediterranean diet (as an alternative to the crash diets) have on human health. These Greek scientists have published discoveries on health benefits from a variety of phenols in their e-book ‘Olive oil and Phenols’.

Aligning with the studies of Vlyssides, the study of Dr. Goren and Dr. David Foster, very importantly demonstrate, that olive oils rich in oleocanthal and other phenols, are powerful enough to kill cancer cells, while oleocanthal-poor olive oils are not.

These are ground-breaking, innovative studies that show it is not just at any olive oil, it is the high concentration of phenolic compounds of the selected oil that is crucial.

These studies also echo and foster the method used by certain Greek farmer

coops .

The cultivation method has an impact on the number of phenol concentrations

Another very important note from the research team of Goren and Foster , recognizes that different olive oils have different oleocanthal concentrations due to their origin, harvest time, and processing methods. Add to this the recent innovations around poly-phenol cultivation method and establishing a biological agri-supplu chain in Northern Greece and one will understand the premium quality of phenolic-rich extra-virgin olive oil is unique and thus still hard to get.

The marketeers of the traditional Olive oil industry are screaming still loud with mis;eading labels, certificates and awards, 'protecting' their brands. Science helps the consumer and keeps on showing the game is on high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil.

Join Greek organic farmers and science in their mission to make this world a better place for all, to eat and live healthy. Like the classic greeks.......

When you are looking for super healthy extra virgin olive oil, full with phenols, try the first batch of Elietsa olive oil, 'Early Harvest 2019' (on their homepage you can find their lab-tested certification on acidity and phenols)

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