The Vlyssides Method

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

How Greek science uniquely contributes to contain healthy food and creating circular cultivation.

When you see this picture on the Eleostasio platform, you know the connected farmer is converting his olive grove towards circular cultivation

The method & journey meet towards a new norm in the Olive oil sector.

Greece is well-know worldwide for its natural treasures and its delicious and healthy food.

Two years ago the founders of this platform learned about the 'Vlyssides’ method. By touring the factory of the agri start-up Bio Agro Oliva, it was the start of a journey to show to the world we can have an direct impact on what we eat!

Professor Vlyssides is a fascinating man. He works at the renown National Technical University of Athens at the department of chemical engineering and leads the Laboratory of Organic & environmental Technology. After 30 years of research across Greece he founded Bio Agro Oliva. This agri startup and his innovative, patented method is a hidden treasure and we aim to connect his lifetime work to the world to make better food, a better world and better lives.

The beauty of his method is that it involves the whole production chain for making olive oil. Farmers, mills and science are all in(volved). At Eleostasio platform we aim to bring the consumer in the loop, making consumers aware how they contribute to better food, a better world and better lives; Under professor Vlyssides supervision, science contributes by converting the olive waste (fruit, pit and water) into a soil'- improving conditioner. This compost still hold all the natural phenols, important antioxidants, that contribute to health protection and healthy diets. How this works?

Actually it is very simple. Bio Agro Oliva provides a patented treatment, and by bringing it in suitable concentrations, they convert waste in a biological compost which farmers, connected at Eleostasio, are now using to treat the trees and complete the circular production. Last but least delivering a superb olive oil quality. We like to call this the new take of olive oil and we are hopeful more farmers will follow. We work hard to connect them with consumers of heathy food at this platform.

Redesigning the olive oil sector

Few people are aware that the olive oil industry is an heavily polluting one in the food industry. The waste products derived from the olives in the pressing mills are mainly vegetation water (aqueous waste), the olive pit (husk) and the remains of the olive fruit/skin. This waste, ending up in water circulation (from sea gulfs to ground water), cause chemical reactions, damaging the environment and sealife.

The EU is pumping large amount of EU citizens money into alternative waste management methods, E.g. in Spain, by subsidizing the production of pellets to stimulate bio mass heating. However the environmental impact appears counterproductive, EU is now slowly trying to turn around to what once was believed to be a contribution to decarbonization and now instead causing environmental harm. But what are the alternatives for EU's circular goals? Our efforts will aim to show new eyes to the south-east Europe!

The Vlyssides Method basically converts the waste into a biological compost. Yep, we told you; it is that simple! However, turning the environmental problem into a sustainable solution means the professors' work, provides a whole industry with at least 10 (!) new benefits:

- Less waste , by converting the three oil pressing to two phases, reducing the amounts of water used in the mills.

- Better waste management. No hazardous waste dumps but reutilizing them..

- Creating Innovative agri-products which foster a circular and higher quality cultivation.

- A new biological cycle, this high organic load of waste now being reutilized ensures, healthy compounds like polyphenols are preserved and return to nature and become ‘food’.

- Creating extra income and work places. Farmers will get a better market price for their quality products. Mills cut costs and save on environmental pollution costs and fines.

- Creating better lives for farmers. Often family business will return their olive farming in a commercial viable business.

- Environmental protection and prevention of pollution. Instead of by-products (over 1 million tons on an annual basis in Greece) leading to toxic harm to Mediterranean natural treasures (e.g. death of fishes and excessive growth of algae),

- A Circular economy. We trust bio-circular products will have the EU’s support as it contributes to the EU’s circular Action plan as it maintains the international competitiveness of European industries while safeguarding strict environmental standards. At least with your support it should make our voice louder…...

- Utilizing Renewables Energy sources. Sunshine is abundant in the Mediterranean. Good for the olives but also as a renewable energy source for the operation of mills.

The Vlyssides Method is not a Greek myth but 10 good reasons to change things for a better world and setting at least 1 new norm.

Join the professor and the united organic farmers at the Eleostasio (The Olive Yard) facebook group.

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